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Race Car Modifications – Reader, I think it is the factory performance and aesthetics of this model that piqued your interest.

I have to say the real appeal comes from the JDM aftermarket and the tuning methodology they used on their popular local cars of the 90s and early 00s.

Race Car Modifications

Race Car Modifications

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but what is the concept of a JDM performance car

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Depending on how it rolled off the production line (often unregulated), it was an inspiration to many. This was true of my group of friends as we grew up in New Zealand around relatively cheap and widely used Japanese imports. Aftermarket modifications by Japanese tuners produced these cars.

If tuned cars were so popular in the first place, why are the most sought-after cars from JDM’s golden age suddenly stock or restored?

“investment” potential, there is another big reason. We’ve all seen the cheap and shoddy modifications and low-rent mechanical work applied to these platforms over the years, and many of these “upgrades” can’t be pulled off easily or cost-effectively. So there’s a lot of appeal in a car that doesn’t disappoint in that regard. But I don’t think most people will pay big bucks for JDM cars, so they might be the first to change. These vehicles may be in stock.

There is nothing here; I love seeing original and restored 30 year old JDM performance icons as much as the next enthusiast. From a property point of view, they do not interest me. I have HKS T51R Kai turbochargers, an OS-88 6-speed sequential transmission, RAYS Volk Racing TE37 wheels, bride seats, and “roller cages” with blue Cusco bolts wrapped around the dash. I grew up dreaming. and other period (and modern) modifications used in vehicles

How To Modify A Car: A Beginners Guide To Upgrades

Unfortunately, these vehicles are less common. If time (read: rust, distance, theft, dodgy mechanics, inexperienced and overconfident drivers, etc.) wasn’t a big enough factor in their demise, many JDM performance The most sought after parts for their cars must now be OEM parts. Let me tell you everything you need to know…

Fortunately, there are still plenty of people who see the cultural and physical value of modified cars, so earlier this month Dino introduced us to one such BNR32 Skyline GT-R. This car was purchased in Japan for a UK owner, but was later completely modified by the Midori Seibi Center (and others) in Yokohama. It left Japan with a coveted list of upgrades, including an all-new 500+ horsepower engine centered around an N1 block and Tomei turbos, RAYS Volk Racing TE37V wheels, and a full Robson Leather interior.

When it comes to custom Skyline GT-R cars, the build ticks so many boxes that Dino ended his story by asking what else could be done to improve it.


But what can happen when the tuning company itself is released with an unlimited budget? You get the Sun Line Racing BNR34, another modified Japanese Skyline that has found a new home in the UK in 2018 via Harlow Jap Autos.

How To Get Into Cars: Handling Mods

In the world of Skyline GT-R tuning, Sun Line Racing (SLR) needs no introduction; The Okayama-based shop’s reputation for building solid trail guns with great attention to detail predates them. But with this BNR34 demo car, they’ve taken all their racing know-how and applied it to a street car.

This does not mean that the water is poured; The engine produced 720 hp at 1.5 bar (22psi) boost pressure, and it managed sub-1 minute lap times at the Tsukuba circuit in full-track trim. As for the tuned R34 GT-R, it was absolute royalty once it was built and went under the radar for 10+ years until HJA found it.

With a reported build cost of ¥15 million (about $130,000) more than the car’s original purchase price, you can bet Sun Line Racing left no stone unturned in its creation. A full list of its changes can be found at the end of this feature, but let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

No carbon fiber in appearance. Composite material was used for the hood, fenders, trunk, and GT wing – all manufactured in-house at SLR. C-West introduced a carbon front bumper (with carbon canards) and Craft Square carbon windows.

Modified Live @ Snetterton October 2023

The main part of the Sun Line R34 is its completely N1 engine based structure. SLR opted for a 2.8L stroker kit from HKS to increase capacity and power, followed by HKS’s V-CAM system, fully race-bred cylinder head, giant Trust T88-34D turbocharger, HPI front intercooler , expanded with Nismo. between the plenum, Sard 800cc injectors and a custom SLR titanium downpipe and exhaust

Power finds its way to the ground via a Holinger Engineering 6-speed sequential gearbox, an Exedy Racing three-plate clutch, an ATS carbon front LSD and an OS Giken rear differential.

For the suspension, each interchangeable arm and rod is made with adjustable SLR elements. Coilovers are even a Sun Line Racing specialty. For brakes, an Endless 6-pot caliper/370mm rotor front set and a 4-pot/332mm rear set-up ensure the Skyline has no problem decelerating from high speeds.

Race Car Modifications

Because it’s built primarily as a road car, and despite its race-ready exterior, you won’t find a refined interior inside this R34. Yes, there is a roll cage, but it is carefully integrated so as not to restrict ingress and egress in any way. For the SLR front seat, Bride chose Gias carbon buckets, a classic Nardi steering wheel, Nismo gauges, and added custom dry carbon door panels.

Nascar Penalizes Jones, Legacy Motor Club For Illegal Modification

Engine: N1 Block, HKS 2.8 Stroke Kit – HKS 87mm Forged Pistons, HKS H-Section Forged Connecting Rods, HKS Forged Lightweight Full Countershaft, Trust Large Capacity Crankcase, Tomei Head and Crank Studs/Bolts, Tomei Bearings, Tomei Oil Pump , Tomei Timing Belt, Tomei 1.5mm Head Gaskets, HKS V-CAM Step Pro System, Tomei 270deg/10.5mm Intake Cam, Tomei Adjustable Cam, Tomei B type valve springs, Tomei valve lifters, N1 cylinder head, cylinder head treatment, head rebuild, new polished valves, racing valve guides, water jacket treatment, extended ports, Trust T88H-34D turbocharger, Trust Intake Manifold, Trust Outboard Exhaust, Trust Type R Shutoff Valve, SLR Custom Titanium 100mm Front Pipe, SLR Custom Titan 100mm Exhaust, HKS Intake, SLR Custom Titanium Exhaust, SLR Custom Titanium Downpipe, Nismo Plenum , SLR Titanium Intake Pipes, SLR Hydro-Dip Engine Covers, Naprec Throttle Body Cleaning, Intake Manifold Oversized Cams, M1 Water Pumps, M1. SLR Storage Tank, Samco Coolant Hoses, SLR GT Radiator Type R, SLR Radiator Cooling Panel, SLR Coolant Expansion Tank, Reliable Oil Cooler Kit, Billion Thermostat, HPI Cooler, Tomei Fuel Line, Sard 800cc Fuel ‘i injectors, Sard fuel pressure regulator, SLR header tank, lightweight Teflon fuel lines, HKS in-tank fuel pump, 2 Bosch 044 fuel pumps, metal fuel lines, HKS F-CON V Pro, HKS V-CAM controller, Blitz Dual-SBC amplifier controller, Field ETS torque distribution controller

Drive: Holinger Engineering 6-speed sequential gearbox, electronic gear indicator, Exedy three-plate clutch, ATS front carbon LSD, Trust large capacity front differential cover, Trust large capacity rear differential cover, OS Giken rear LSD

Suspension/Brakes: SLR Racing Link Kit, SLR Adjustable Upper Arms, SLR GT Link Adapters, SLR Compression Struts, SLR Rear Cushion Ball Camber, SLR Rear Cushion Ball Tension Rods, SLR Rear Racing Lower Arms, SLR rear SLRt front titanium, Nismo front lower arms, Endless monobloc 6-pot calipers/370mm rotors, Endless monobloc 4-pot calipers/332mm rotors, braided brake lines

Appearance: SLR GT Full Carbon Body Kit, C-West Front Bumper with Optional Canard, SLR GT-Spec Carbon Hood, SLR Carbon Cargo Cover, SLR Carbon 3D GT Fender, SLR LED Tail Light ‘i, craft square carbon mirrors you didn’t know about. A modified car is what it should be. It is a local NASCAR series that runs local tracks in the southeastern and northeastern United States. The cars have a higher power-to-weight ratio than the Monster Energy Cup cars.

All New Honda City Modified To Look Like A Race Car

The first modified series, the Whelen Modified Series, raced at local short tracks from South Carolina to New York. The NASCAR Whelen-modified car is 11 inches shorter and 23 inches wider than the Monster Energy Cup car. They’re also light, with the Monster Cup car weighing in at a minimum of 3,300 pounds, while the Whelen modification is only 2,610 pounds.

In general, the modified cars have 650-700 horsepower compared to the 850 horsepower Cup cars. Teams that normally run Chevys in small-blocks have three displacements to choose from according to the 2017 rulebook: 350ci (Chevy), 360ci (Dodge) or 351ci (Ford). The mods still work with carburetors, unlike the trophy series.

It is NASCAR’s longest-running series and the premier league in NASCAR’s early years. Today, unlike yesterday, mods do not work on big tracks like Daytona, they are very fast. If you look at previous races on the beach, you will often see modified cars

Race Car Modifications

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