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Race Car Helmet Designs – As a race car driver, my helmet is an invaluable product because I can’t race without it. I wouldn’t be a graphic designer without racing helmets. As a kid, some of my favorite professional race car drivers had helmet paint schemes that I thought were really cool. All of these helmets share a common feature, that they were designed by California-based designer Troy Lee. I immediately became a fan of his work and it became one of my earliest interests in a design career.

In the early days of motorsport, a helmet was a purely utilitarian object, unadorned, worn solely for safety. Now the helmet is a unique form of personal expression and is often the visual signature of a race car driver. In the 1960s, helmets were painted a solid color, usually black or white. Gradually, riders began adding simple graphics to their helmets to set them apart from their competitors. It usually consists of simple lines or elements from their country’s flag. This style continued into the 80s when sponsors began adding their logos to helmets. Starting in the 90s and moving on to today, he has taken on a more complex style. The growing demand from racers who wanted their own style on their helmets allowed helmet painting to develop into an art form. Some regional styles developed as Americans turned to bigger, bolder graphics, often featuring quirky cartoon characters. In Europe, the style is more about geometric shapes and layers of bright colors. The line between regional styles now seems blurred as different artists develop their own unique styles and carve out niches in the market. I greatly appreciate the complexity of modern helmet painting and the talent of artists who do it well.

Race Car Helmet Designs

Race Car Helmet Designs

Ironically, you may have noticed in my website bio photo that my helmet is as white as grass, although I am very interested in helmet color design. It’s not for lack of creativity, because my computer is full of files full of different designs that I’ve been tossing around in my head for years. I vowed that my helmet would be snow white until my favorite designer, Troy Lee, painted it for me from my childhood. So this offseason I’m finally going to open my checkbook wide, send my best design to California, and let one of the pioneers of the craft help me give it some paint.

Continuous One Line Drawing Motor Racing Helmet With Closed Glass Visor. For Car, Motorcycle Sport, Race, Motocross Or Biker Club, Motorsport Competition. Single Line Draw Design Vector Illustration 8990128 Vector Art At

The progress of helmet painting from the 1960s to today has been dramatic. Jackie Stewart from Scotland used a unique Scottish pattern on his helmet. Ayrton Senna transformed the colors of his native Brazil into one of the most iconic helmet designs in history. Modern European style isn’t afraid to use every shape and color imaginable.

Mario Andretti’s two-tone pointed stripe on silver was passed down to his son and grandson, with Michael and Marco adding their own unique elements to the design over the years.

From cartoons for motocross racers to custom 24 kart helmets with gold leaf for the University of Notre Dame football team, Troy Lee’s style is as diverse as his clients.

Germany’s Sebastian Vettel changes his helmet design completely after winning each race. His illustrator, Jens Münser, is very happy about this! You can continue the promotional contract trial with 14 more watermarked images or you can upgrade and enjoy the super offer in the first month: 2 plans, 30 images for the price of one

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Race Car Helmet Designs

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Custom Helmet Design For Isac Aronsson Made On A Stilo St5

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