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Racing Equipment Store

Racing Equipment Store – For 50 years, Summit Racing Equipment has set and re-set the standard for fast delivery, customer service and technical excellence. The one-man startup is now a source of parts for thousands of car enthusiasts worldwide. Summit Racing operates a 25,000-square-foot warehouse in Tallmadge.

Summit Racing Equipment began in 1968 as a part-time, one-man business operating out of his bedroom. In 1969, Summit Racing Equipment opened its first store in Akron, Ohio. In the 1970s and ’80s, Summit Racing Equipment continued to grow, and the company’s extensive racing catalog grew from an annual buyer’s guide to a monthly publication. Today, Summit Racing Equipment operates four retail locations across the United States.

Racing Equipment Store

Racing Equipment Store

“P3 received seed funding from the Summit County Revolving Loan Fund. This helped us to solve the problem of financing and establish ourselves in the market.”

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“Summit County has been a very active partner for Röchling in locating our factory in the county. The county has been very interesting, easy to work with, and has devoted time and energy to helping our business. Select a location and provide the services we need to grow economically.”

“As our business continues to grow, we need our community to grow with it. APV is fortunate to have a good working relationship with our district leadership; And they have proven time and time again that ‘we will find a way’ to realize our vision of prosperity together.”

“Ilene Shapiro and her staff have what they can do to solve economic development problems, which is very interesting in this level of administration. They are quick to provide assistance and offer solutions in a thoughtful way.”

“Summit County’s economic development team understands the needs of businesses. They helped OHM Counselors move into downtown Akron. ” The Summit Live store is a 32,000 square foot, attached to a larger 950,000 square foot distribution center in a suburban Dallas office/industrial park. The design of the sales department is a glass window and rises from the main building of the base building. The building is a black metal facade with vertical glazed elements that have a horizontal structure. Clear glass is used at the base to view the store, with mirrored glass on top, and a blue mirror perspective glass ribbon for the third floor office space. The store solution is the corner. A marquee 50 feet high. white. The bright photo tower is a focal point away from the dark base building. Social groups are piston-like glass buildings on the side of the entrance. These features give a personal dimension to future customers.

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Deploying the retail side of this wide range of tools is strategic for a brand facing a difficult transition period. On a clear day, the marquee can be seen for miles.

There is an internal stair tower serving the warehouse and third floor offices, which run through an exit corridor. The floor tower forms part of the retail space and is connected by a low profile ceiling to the rear of the store. Vertical circulation was then used to create a retail office that oversees retail operations. The corridor is a one-story building that connects the tower with stairs from the outside. This fall helped create a deeper display in the tire and wheel department with a Texas-themed portable light that illuminates the wall above.

The entire store is dedicated to sales. The 950,000-square-foot distribution center is the store’s warehouse and warehouse for processing mail orders. Employee access to the warehouse is simplified through a complex automated delivery system. Due to the variety of products and accessories, most of the purchases will be placed in the sales department and the products will be delivered to the customers from the distribution center.

Racing Equipment Store

The “super” sales box, which can serve 16 customers at a time, is located in the middle of the sales floor and can be accessed from all sides. Each department also has remote sales departments for 3-4 customers.Founded by the late RON SILVESTER in 1970. Two Ron’s racing models and limited US V8 parts in New Zealand at the time. The real business started in the little white closet that’s still there!

Summit Racing Fuels Project 899 Build

Ronnie was famous for his racing success, a red and silver ’38 Chev Coupe equipped with a small block Chevrolet V8 leading it to compete against the Camaros and Mustangs of the era, the coupe being the best car in the race. . Back in the late 60s. This car is still in the family today and is now raced in annual races by Ronnie’s son Grant Sylvester who shows it well. He still looks youthful and not like he was in the 60s.

With Ron’s Sydenham Park Car Sales business focusing on a variety of American cars, showbiz Sydenham Park Chev Spares was a natural addition. Used V8 engines were imported from America in 1970 with Ron and good friend and mechanic Jim Walker, the first trip to America to find the best Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler engines available at the time.

Ron’s great work team have all played their part in getting the company to where it is today. The Race Shop was created by the team of Neil Stewart, Wayne Watson and Ron’s son Grant. All the big brands have moved and the original shop in Bath St was labeled ‘Small shop with big stock’, today’s sign says ‘Now you’re Racine’.

In 1987, a large plot of land was purchased at 144 Moorhouse Ave and the old buildings were demolished to make way for a mega building with newly constructed showrooms. The vehicle division has also become New Zealand’s largest dealer of new Chevrolet trucks, and the new showroom is a globally sought-after product and continues to source from places such as the US, India, China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Italy and Australia. Any great business is only a reflection of the people who run it, and this is even more so with Sylvester’s companies, who are proud to have employees who have been with the company for up to 35 years! Till today.

Summit Racing Equipment, Mogadore

1995 was the saddest year when Ron Sylvester who was our founder, managing director, leader, father and friend passed away. Ron was 59 years old and had been battling cancer since the early 1990s. After many alternative treatments, Ron died on July 24, 1995 in California, USA. A great loss for all of us.

With what was left of Ron’s plans/plans, a new dealership was built and completed in late 1996. Ron would have loved “business as usual” which was and still is being done in style. As the years passed, Donna, Ron’s daughter, and Grant moved into two corporate fields with a dedicated team running the Silvester Group.

More Japanese Racing Equipment – Chevron Finance – Chevron Global – Silvester Safety Equipment – SRP (Silvester Racing Equipment) – and Silvester Service Center, these are all companies that are part of the Silvester Group and the Chevron name comes from Ron’s racing days. Chevrolets have been using the Chevron name since the early 70s. Japanese Race Products as the name suggests offer quality products from body kits to racing pistons, cams, conrods, turbochargers and are sold here in NZ and around the world.

Racing Equipment Store

Silvester Safety Products still manufactures high quality products such as racing gear, racing gloves, driving shoes, ankle boots, helmets and racing shoes. They are designed and built to the strictest international safety standards such as SFI and FIA specifications and are proudly sold worldwide through our Chevron Global Company. The SRP brand is a quality range of products that we sell that includes aluminum racing radiators, AN hoses and fittings, starter motor reductions and many other items for the true high performance and racing market.

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With Ron’s first companies under the Sydenham Park Group, this name was carried for many years until the company changed to the Silvester Group in 2004.

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